Chairman's Desk


Pravas Ghosh is the founder Secretary of Gopsai Avinandan Sangha. For last eighteen years he is in the education field. He is active and his vision is to have developed modern Educational Institution with ComputerScience, Electronics and Communication, Electrical, Information Technology, Management Studies, Biological Sciences, Health Sciences, Paramedical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Research Center with job oriented courses for students coming from various parts of India and abroad. He proposes to add a few more courses to the existing ones."

Having been inspired by the ideals of my school teacher father surviving through insufficiency, and initiated by the vision of "Planning & Target", I was always under the strict eye to improve the mote under developed area like Chandrakona Town in Paschim Medinipur. It was my dream that whatever I do would be for the good of mankind.

The locality should be brought to light, that will yield a radical change of the socio-economic status. I feel it would be possible only by the development of the education. It would only be possible if an institution gets all good teacher, student, rules & regulations, environment & communication. It should not be denied that education is not only for the service of the society but for earning also. A good institution tries tooth & nail to provide job oriented courses. Depending upon this realization, once I sowed the seed of education for establishing an institution, which finally came into existence as P.G. INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES.

I think it is the gift of God.As a Chairman of this college I assure that, the college will provide and assist all the students in pursuing and achieving their goals. Come at "P.G.Institute of Medical Sciences" (PGI MS), you will find a quality of life that's very high and different, both in academic pursuits for seeking professional excellence that will enrich you and make you efficient, confident and successful.

Mr. Pravas Ghosh