Director's Desk

Director'S Desk:

It is our pride that P. G. Institute of Medical Sciences is the only pharmacy college (Approved by AICTE & Pharmacy Council of India) in the district of Paschim Medinipur, West Bengal, offering courses leading to D. Pharm and B. Pharm in various branches of pharmaceutics ,Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy etc. We have made strenuous efforts to develop this college into an excellent centre for advanced research in Pharmaceutical sciences.

It was our long adored /revered desire to contribute qualitative and dedicated pharmacy staff to the medical field of our society. Its research motivated faculty has excellent research track record and they have published remarkable no. of research papers in national and international journals of repute.

We know that pharmacy is a noble profession since its services ultimately reach the suffering humanity either directly or indirectly. Its professionals deal with the life saving, pain relieving, problem solving substances- 'the drug'. A drug passes through a pharmacy professional at various stages like synthesis, isolation, purification and testing for advantageous pharmacological effects and absents of toxicological effects during its long journey from lab to patient.

A diligent academic life enriched with state of the art infrastructure, technology and committed faculty has made our standing/ magnificent/ formidable results in our institute. The students in this college get exposure and hands on experience of manufacturing, analyzing and quality assessment process. The campus pulsates/vibrates with the vivacious energy of co-curricular activities which encourage sharing, respecting each other, assuming responsibilities and finding happiness. The web site provides useful tools and detail facts and figures about our students, faculty, staff and other important activities aimed at intensifying overall/comprehensive knowledge and appreciation of the institute campus. The students are groomed by professional and expert faculty members to face their profession with confidence and conviction. The fees structure is also moderately evolved giving due to weight age to the poverty background.

We are aware that although we have much to our credit we have still to go ahead. Along with the co-operation of our students, faculty, industries and all other well wishers, we want to sustain the pace of our progress.

To fulfill our mission & objectives in innovative manner each member of PGIMS is striving hard to achieve excellence in each and every endeavor/venture be it education, research, consulting or training. The institute is nurturing/parenting a remarkably moderate study that can make a difference in the pharmaceutical sciences. It inculcates/implants human values and professional ether in the students at both the national and international levels.

We hope that we shall continue receiving co-operation from all concerned in coming years to achieve/attain our predestined/ predetermind goal. 
I wish you all the best. 

Mr. Bholanath Bose
P.G. Institute of Medical Sciences