The Library:

The library is an integral part of college. Library has crucial role in supporting higher as well as research activities. It has assumed great importance and new dimension today in the context of phenomenal growth of knowledge. The Library of P.G. Institute of Medical Sciences has an independent wing with reading rooms, sufficient area and computers. Our library has a book issuing counter, a small cabin for librarian, stacks for books and journal, a reference section and a seating arrangement for students. 

PGIMS Library has an open access system that follows that abridged English edition of Universal Decimal Classification. The library catalogue consists of author card Index, Title card index Journal, Series Card Index. Our library collection includes pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical, chemistry, pharmacology, pharmacognosy, pharmacy management and related subjects, Reference books manuals etc. The library also has a good collection of old reference books and sound volume of journals. 

Our library is maintained by Mr. Tarun Ghosh (B. Lib & M. Lib). There Is also a library committee to formulate rules for book policy, rules and regulations for the use of library. Apart from staff and students, the library is also used by the staff of various colleges end pharmaceutical industry men. Beside circulation of books and periodicals the library staff is always ready to render reference services to readers. Recently our library and its resources. have been computerized and online access to the library is available. 

The competitive environment in education, information explosion due to rapid advances in Science & Technology, interdisciplinary studies, networking, multimedia, online services, internet etc. Made us to change our library setting from the traditional way to an innovative & automated learning resource center. In spite of some obstruction, the college is trying to develop our Library to the international standards so that we can cater to the needs of the students &staff

  • Library Infrastructure: Our library which is well decorated with reading room book stacks, marbled floor computer lab, multimedia and language lab, tables, fans, air conditioner etc. 
  • Facilities and Services : The library of PGIMS Remains open from 9:30 a.m. Books are circulated to the students regularly and carefully. Reference services, Reprographic services, Book Bank facility, library software etc. Are also available. 
  • Book:- No.of Title : 307 (As on 30.04.18)
    No.of volumes : 2140 (As on 30.04.18)
  • Journal :- Our library keeps journalist title-
    National printed journal : 06
    International printed journal : 02
    E-Journal : 23
  • Staff : PGIMS Library staff includes one librarian, one assistant librarian and two library attendants. 
  • Upgradation : Increasing the number of international E-Journals, latest books and reference resources and digitalization we will upgrade more our library which will help us to meet requirements of students, staff and patrons by providing better services and to serve a widely dispersed communities through the network