Principal's Desk

Principals Desk:

"Education is the realization of hope for the future." — Victor Tam. 
An Educational Institution is like a Sacred Tree under which hundreds and thousand of students start learning and grow as knowledgeable products to cater the needs of the society. The Institute, thus plays the vital role in grooming the young students to highly disciplined personnel, who could accept the challenges of the society and serve with confidence, commitment and diligence. 

The P.G Institute of Medical Sciences was established in the year 2017 imparting quality education in Pharmaceutical sciences and training aspires man to be important professional avenues of Industry, Research- Teaching and Government regulatory bodies. The Institute is enriched by its present qualified and competent teachers, few of them attaining academic brilliance during their student career and fortified with latest models of equipments and instruments. 

The college has introduced B. Pharm & D. Pharm Courses since the academic session 2017-2018. The college is well equipped with excellent infrastructure of permanent buildings with state of Art facilities (Laboratories, Lecture halls, Seminar Halls, Instruments Unit, Computer Unit etc) with all required additional amenities as per the AICTE, PCI norms. With the present trend of progress in R & D endeavors in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences and biomedical technology- healthcare will assume a new dimension in the coming years. I am sure that this college will cater to the growing needs of technical manpower for the Pharmaceutical Industries. Pharmaceutical Educational Institutions. Drug Control Administrations and overall healthcare sector. 

I wish you all the best.

Dr Sibaram Paria