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Medical Biochemistry is the study of chemical reactions and combinations which take place in biological processes. Under this programme, students are instilled with the qualities to handle technical equipment, conduct study and draw statistical evidence. The Medical Biochemist is a specialist in laboratory medicine and trained in the operation and management of clinical biochemistry.
As the programme progresses, optional course units included in the coursework may show aspirants how biochemistry allows us to understand and treat diseases. Subject areas include cell cycle control, molecular biology of cancer, and genetic diseases. Final assessments are made based on their performances. This programme is streamlined for biochemists considering a career in research into the biochemical basis of disease and therapeutic medicine.


The objective of the course is to enable student

  • to build up strong laboratory and diagnostic skills. This is built around a practical element, with an emphasis on developing these skills.
  • to assume, inquire and analyse, apply logical principles, validate assumptions, solve problems, integrate knowledge and widen perspective.
  • to use preventive and therapeutic interventions effectively
  • to demonstrate proficient and appropriate use of procedural skills, both diagnostic and therapeutic
  • To establish and maintain clinical knowledge, skills and behaviours appropriate to Medical Biochemistry.

Course Level: P.G


  • Biochemist
  • Biomedical Scientist at Govt. Public health organisation.
  • Research Fellow.
  • Analytical chemist.
  • Pharma Associate.
  • QA / AC Associate.
  • Healthcare scientist.
  • Clinical biochemistry.
  • Food Safety Analyst
  • Patent law
  • Forensic science
  • Science journalism.