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Nutrition & Dietetics is the science of diet and its effect on human health. This field focuses on scientific understanding of nutrition and its practical application in the field of healthcare and rehabilitation of patients.It is a 2-year program designed to enhance knowledge and skills of nutrition and to develop critical evaluation skills through an integration of Nutrition, Dietetics and Research. The students also learn about new and expanding areas of research in the field of Dietetics and Nutrition and acquire necessary Research oriented skills.
The course opens up a plethora of career opportunities ranging from dietitian, marketing, research, teaching, sports nutritionist and a very upcoming field of nutrition journalist.


The main objective of the master's degree is

  • to impart knowledge & develop capacities of the students through the state higher education in the areas of Food Science, Human Nutrition, Food Safety & Quality, Food Processing etc.
  • To provide proper Consultation to patients & design Nutritional Therapies.


  • Dietitian or Nutritionist indifferent Hospitals, Nursing Homes and also in Private Clinics, Fitness Centre & Health Clubs.
  • Content writer in different advertising agency or publications
  • Nutrition Advisor, Nutritional Representative in Medical Nutritional Companies.
  • Nutritionist in Sports & Exercise field.
  • Teaching & Research fields as a Teachers, Professors and Scientists.
  • QA / AC Associate.