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Analysis of drugs and pharmaceuticals forms the backbone of research and development in pharmaceutical industry. Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis is the backbone of the teaching as well as research in the pharmacy education programme since analysis of the raw material as well as the finished product is of prime importance for the safety and efficacy for human consumption. In PGIMS Pharmaceutical analysis laboratory is equipped with appropriate ultra modern and sophisticated instruments for analysis of the bulk drug and its various formulations as per official compendia like IP, BP & USP etc.


  • 1. To train the students as pharmaceutical analyst.
  • 2. The department is actively involved in the method development of synthetic and natural drugs, pharmacokinetic studies, TDM studies, stability studies, elucidation of newly synthesized drugs using infrared spectroscopy, UV.


  • 1. Analytical and bio-analytical method development and validation using traditional and Quality by Design (QbD) approaches
  • 2. Use of micro-extraction techniques in simultaneous determination of drugs
  • 3. Pharmacokinetic studies of drugs and metabolites
  • 4. Impurity profiling of drug substances
  • 5. Secondary metabolite profiling of herbal products
  • 6. Volatile component analysis
  • 7. Dissolution testing of drug products
  • 8. Identification and characterization of impurities
  • 9. Structural Elucidation using spectroscopic techniques
  • 10. Herbal Analysis