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Pharmacognosy is interdisciplinary branch involving a broad spectrum of biological and socio-scientific topics, including botany. ethno botany, marine biology, herbal medicine, phytochemistry, plant biotechnology - tissue culture, production of secondary metabolites and development of herbal formulations. The laboratory of Pharmacognosy is well positioned for the proper entry of light which is the essential requirement for the microscopical slides to be observed. The lab is well equipped and suitable for various Pharmacognostical studies which the students are undertaking. They provide facilities for the students to acquire skills in learning morphological and microscopical characters of natural drugs using Compound Microscope, Stage Microscope. Camera Lucida, TLC, Muffle Furnace, Soxhlet Apparatus etc.


To train Students in the various stages of natural drug research like different types of extraction, separation of groups of compounds, purification and identification of individual compounds and the re-characterization.


    Development and evaluation of -
  • 1. Herbal Drug Standardization
  • 2. Histological Analysis of Crude Drugs
  • 3. Extraction of Fixed & Volatile oils
  • 4. Isolation & Characterization of Phyoconstituents
  • 5. Chromatographic Identification of Phytoconstituents
  • 6. Formulation & Evaluation of Herbal Cosmetics
  • 7. Evaluation of Marketed Herbal & Ayurvedic Formulations
  • 8. Medicinal Plant Tissue Culture